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Back in Thailand

We have been travelling for a while now. It has nearly been too long. Yeah I know, poor me. We have seen all the countries we wanted to see on this trip and we are now back in Thailand. On Koh Tao to be precise. We just arrived here, coming from Koh Samui, today. Last […]

Angkor Wat

When traveling to Cambodia one simply has to visit Angkor Wat. When I think of Cambodia that is what first comes to my mind (even though I now know that Cambodia is about so much more than a ”few” temples). The day we chose to visit Angkor Wat, and all the temples in Angkor Park, […]

From Vietnam to Cambodia

We have seen a lot in a short while, everything from beaches to city life. We loved Nha Trang, or perhaps mostly the beach, where we spent the majority of our time. We lay on the beach reading and sun bathing, swimming and playing in the waves. Overall a very relaxing few days, that unfortunately ended with us getting […]

From Sapa to Nha Trang

Time flies and all the sudden we have been in Vietnam for more than two weeks. Seems quite hard to believe. We love it, it’s just great! The nature is nothing short of amazing, yeah it is just great. Did I say that it’s great? We landed in Hanoi (what a crazy place) and spent […]


Right now we are sitting at the hotel waiting for our shuttle to the airport. Today we are flying on to Vietnam. Just like that, casually flying to Vietnam. Travelling from place to place is starting to feel very normal, and the days of the week are becoming a bit of a blur. I suppose this […]

White temple and the Mekong River

I have never been particularly rich, but I have always been thinking about what I would do when (yes, I have always been certain that some day it surely would happen) I became a millionaire. Now, thanks to lovely Laos, where we are now, it has finally happened. The fact that my money may not be […]


Right now we are in Pai, and we are loving it! Sarah and Doug have been here before, but we haven’t. It is this tiny little village up in the mountains, about 130km north of Chiang Mai, with a bit cooler weather (it’s only 32 degrees today!). We are living in tiny huts, basically only […]

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

We have moved from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, with a stop in Ayutthaya. The last couple of days in Bangkok we went shopping at Chatuchak weekend market, had a few drinks in the Sky bar at Lebua, and went to a drag show. We also had a day of doing absolutely nothing. A nice end to […]

Sydney and Bangkok

The last few days of Sydney was mostly spent doing nothing, which, I have to say, was quite nice. We met up with Emma on the friday for a stroll at Cronulla beach (close to where she lives) and some dinner and drinks. Couldn’t really have had a better last day. Saturday, exactly a week after we arrived, […]

Hello Sydney!

We have now completed two months of hard work on a farm, it has been everything from harvesting to cattle work. At the moment we spend our days in Sydney, living in Newtown, but in a few days time we will be taking a flight to Bangkok. Can not wait for some heat! Sydney is […]